SPA Circuit

SPA Circuit (€36)

It is composed of:

  • Footbath.
  • Jacuzzi bath.
  • Heated swimming pool.
  • Hydrotherapy with jets.
  • Waterfalls and counterflow.
  • Ice fountain.
  • Shower rain.
  • Heated bench.
  • Sauna.
  • Relaxation area.
  • Outdoor swimming pool.

If you need to relax and disconnect the SPA circuit is one of the best options to achieve this. Hydrotherapy has multiple physical and mental benefits: relaxes and reduces muscle contractions, increases mobility of joints and reduces inflammation, activates blood circulation and produces a state of relaxation, able to eliminate stress... Enjoy Kinedomus Bienestar SPA circuit in an intimate setting to make it really relaxing.


You don't need to be hosted at the Hotel for these services.


Give a SPA circuit or a memorable session of Vichy shower.


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