The Vichy shower is one of the most complete and effective hydrotherapy treatments since not only you have the sensation of water with different temperatures and intensities over your body, but at the same time you receive a full massage, creating a unique sensation. To help you choose the most suitable Vichy shower for you, we have arranged them according to the objective they help you to get.

> Relaxing

  • Aromas of the Forest (34€): Lavender, Rosemary, bergamot.
  • Flowers and silks of the Nile (€49): warm feelings of silk and relaxing scents.
  • Vanilla and coconut from the Polynesian (64€): oriental scents for extra smooth skin.

> Firming

  • Integral (38€): Cryopearls and treatment of muds and algae.

> Draining

  • Select (39€): Sweet almonds, rosehip and aloe.
  • Persian vibration (€39): Rich aromas of coffee, stimulating.

> Toning

  • Cold & Chocolat (38€): Cryopearls and chocolate. A sweet temptation.
  • Hot & Chocolat (43€): Sweet paraffins and chocolate, soft and warm.

> Deoxidizing

  • Tartaric Baco (40€): rejuvenates with the properties of the wine
  • Wine tannins and mineral salts (45€): regenerates your skin with tannins from the heart of the Ribera del Duero.


You don't need to be hosted at the Hotel for these services.


Give a SPA circuit or a memorable session of Vichy shower.


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